Being an expanding company with clients in three countries and 17 Brazilian states, Exemplum Accounting Management opened a new branch in São Paulo in early June. With over 25 years’ experience, the company works in several areas such as tax compliance, auditing, consulting, accounting, human resources management, due diligence, outsourcing and corporate services.

Considering this new unit in São Paulo, located at Vila Mariana, Exemplum has three offices. The company’s headquarters is based in Sapucaia do Sul and its other branch is in Guaíba, both in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

According to Vânia Boeira, executive director of Exemplum, getting to São Paulo was a natural process, given the need for specialized accounting services is growing in the region.

Besides the company’s continued success in Rio Grande do Sul, the director of Exemplum highlights that the pandemic has brought significant challenges to the accounting management of companies, which has increased the demand for these services, especially in the business restructuring, merges, acquisition, and tax support