In 2020 Exemplum is celebrating its 23 years of history with the satisfaction of being a firm that recognizes its capacity and experience, but also knows that there is still much room to grow and a lot to offer in the field of accounting. Therefore, and for that, the much longed for decision of expanding its physical space is coming true, through the opening of a new branch in the city of Guaíba/RS. In addition to this territory growth, the choice of going digital, as well as establishing a digital presence, made way for new connections. Through social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp, Exemplum is opening up an immense possibility of interaction, in which each content tells a little bit about our journey, and more than that, values our staff, partners and future clients. To look back on the past and cherish it is extremely important to those who seek to have a prosperous future. This journey had many challenges, but to the sensitive eye of the team, they became learning and growth opportunities. Twenty three years is a reason to be proud, but beyond that, is a reason to wisdomly consider everything we can BE and do in the 23 years to come.