It is incredible to think that Exemplum’s story began in a small rented room in downtown Canoas/RS, with three accounting clients. Although we feel an immense gratitude for it, for being the place where we planted our roots and for all the experiences we had there, expanding horizons is an approach for all companies that aim to grow. The branch 01 in Sapucaia was a wish coming true, but when you have a broader view, there are greater paths to follow. In the year that Exemplum is celebrating twenty three years of history new perspectives come to light, and with it comes the opening of branch 02 in Guaíba/RS. A new space designed to the team’s growth and that brings even more comfort for productivity and the well-being of our members. For Exemplum, this is the beginning of a new era and an important moment for everyone to be assured they are part of a strong, devoted team that focuses on positive results and thrives together.